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JaySo at Little Monster Video Premier. Photo by @selormjay (YoyoTinz)

For all those who have been asking and wondering for years, if there would ever be another album from one of the most inspiring, hip hop shaping collective Ghana has ever heard or  assembled a decade and half ago, have their worries calmed and questions answered.

Skillions, the Old Generation have an album in the works. This disclosure was made by JaySo, a founding member of the talented rap collective who were a force behind what is now called GH Rap, during the exclusive video premier of Little Monster.

A question was asked during the interaction session with the few invited guests if there was any chance the Skillions, both old, new and future would put out any project to which JaySo emphatically stated there are plans. “The Skillions Old Generation have an album coming… We are currently sharing beats’.

What makes this an exciting news is that, some of the members of the original Skillions (Old Generation) are now successful musicians and producers. The likes of EL, JaySo and J.Town are very active on the hip hop scene dropping amazing works. Ball J is also producing more and rapping less. Having grown their craft over these years, an album from them would definitely be great.

Regarded as one of the foremost rap groups to pioneer what is today referred to as ‘GH Rap’, the Skillions Old Generation made up of JaySo, Ball J, Jinx Therapy (now Frank P), EL, Midnight, J-Town, KP and Sandyswiz moved away from throwing rap lyrics during their past time to dropping them on a tape. The result of that was the release of a 21 mixtape titled Skillions Demotapes in 2002; which was received to critical acclaim.

Hosted by Live FMs Antoine Mensah, JaySo spoke on a variety of issues as state of Ghanaian hip hop, the criticism of lack of lyrical depth in today’s hiplife/hiphop, rumoured beef between him and some former Skillions members and working with rapper M.anifest.

He also disclosed that a video for another song Deeper, which is also featured in an episode of An African City, has been shot courtesy Nicole Amartefio (creator/producer of the TV Series) and would be released after the series end.

It was very commendable to have seen both members of the Old (Ball J, Jinx), New (Rumor, BraKevin Beats, Lil Shaker) and Future Generations (Copta and Titi) of Skillions as well as Adina Thembi and Sandra including other known personalities on hand at the Best Western Premier Hotel to lend their support to JaySo.

JaySo released his debut full length album, Making Tasha Proud, described by many as the best rap album for the year, to resounding acceptance in December, 2015. And with this disclosure of a Skillions Reunion album, one hopes it won’t take too long to have it on the shelves.

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