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Finally, Mensa has released visuals for his political and socially correct single HOW FAR, off his up-coming collaborative album with Hungarian DJ/Producer ELO of Irie Mafia. The album, Red Red is more of an experimental album-it explores different musical influences but is primarily driven by electronic sounds.

Shot by filmmaker/documentarian Jareth Merz-known for his ‘African Election’ documentary, the video opens with a long shot of parts of James Town, with Mensa atop the famous Lighthouse.

Mensa’s opening lyric ‘where dey the Saviour we dey look for?/E bi some guy for the sky inside or ebi me then you?’ set the tone for what the song is about; the need to be proactive as a people and demand the best of things from ourselves and leaders.

How Far is a socially conscious and politically unapologetic song enumerating the many deliberately created challenges confronting the nation-where political corruption is high, energy crisis (as depicted by the candle scene and dark background), social welfare is virtually non-existent, medical facilities in deplorable state, educational system failing and general economic hardships.

Interestingly, Mensa, in this video, reflected these situations vividly by dressing up in various apparels- pastor, policeman, nurse, student and a hawker-to drum home his point.

How Far also captured the energy and bustling scenes of James Town and her environs. The busy markets and streets, beaches, rubbish heaps, the people-a window into the everyday life of the Ghanaian populace. The video was also people centred as ordinary citizens-both old and young- sang the catchy yet profound chorus of the song ‘God Bless Our Homeland Ghana’, an important line in our national anthem.

Including scenes from his 27th August, 2015 concert at The Republic Bar, along with Wanlov (as FOKN Bois) especially faces of some of the city’s prominent ravers including the legendary highlife kingpin, Gyedu-Blay Ambolley and graffiti paintings of legendary African leaders and revolutionaries was awesome.

If people still don’t know what ‘Gospel Porn’ means, How Far gives you a definition- naked truth spoken with no apologies.

Watch the video


  1. Damien

    Good review.
    I personally Loved the many kids captured in the video. The whole video carried a Very authentic feel.

  2. shakesduncan

    The video is amazing, the concept is very rich in all sense and the message embedded in the song itself is consciously appreciable…

  3. shakesduncan

    The video is amazing, the concept is very rich in all sense and the message embedded in the song itself is consciously appreciable.

    • Swaye Kidd

      from the 3 videos i’ve seen off #RedRed, Mensa tries to make them people-centred. The people, the environment matters


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