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The Cut bring to its readers a weekly music or albums list by mostly Ghanaian artistes that this writer deem worth listening or having in your playlist. The music is not genre and/or regionally specific. Once it is good, it will be covered here.

We are just three months in the year and already music fans are getting inundated with too much music either as singles, EPs or albums. It looks overwhelming yet exciting since the artistes are experimenting with different music styles. This week’s playlist features three dope tapes and a single from three artistes. Let’s Go!



J-Town deserves to be proud of himself for this conceptual EP he has put out and obviously the response from fans had been great. The 10 track EP, Flight From My Soul, is styled as a traveler’s diary account -where each destination (per the pilot’s announcement) is followed by thoughts of J-Town, giving meaning to the EP title.

The EP, oozing of trap influence, sees J-Town rapping and singing about fearing to lose his girl on Atlantis Nights (If you take that love away from me I’ll go crazy). He questions the realness of love from friends on Hold It.

On Her Interlude, J-Town begs a girl to live her lover for him (I promise I’ll never act petty/ Babe girl, I Keep one eye opened like Fetty). On what is obviously a fan favourite, J-Town teams with crooner King Promise to give Billy Paul’s Mrs. Jones a 21st Century touch. Mrs. Jones is the ‘evil’ that J-Town ever met. DrumRoll’s production is top notch.

And who was the lady vocalist on I Do This? She sounded awesome on this track.

What also stands out about Flight From My Soul is the deliberate mellow and ‘lazily’ fashion J-Town delivered his verses. He did not rush them. He dropped them in paces, allowing the words to filter through the listener. And that style worked perfectly.

You must listen to understand. Hit the play button.



I’m sure many people forgot about BraKevin Beats till heard that hot bars on Two Thumbs Up track off JaySo’s debut album. And now, the artiste who many tipped to be a ‘problem’ on the music scene is dropping tracks from his upcoming album.

The tracklist and album cover is out along with six singles.Before all the songs are heard, the few singles are getting talked about on social media. And from the songs, one get the incline that the album would reek of various musical influences.

It can be seen that BraKevin Beats’ long absence have not taken a shade of his talent away. He sounds hungry, introspective and deep with his raps; like he is here to make a statement.

Hear the released tracks here.



Two things caught my attention when I first skimmed through the Ansah Live’s Ultramarine Dream EP- the rawness in his voice and rap and his aggressiveness towards beats.

On closer listen, I appreciate his story telling skills and his love for jazz and soul beats (an influence from Nas whom he says inspired him).

This 7 track EP lacks proper post production works (mastering). I can’t tell if it’s deliberate but in all the Ultramarine Dream EP is enough work to get Ansah Live some attention.




Yes, the song title confirms what you are probably thinking. Jon Germain’s new single makes a case for threesome: me, my girl and her girlfriend situation. EL and Dee-Money did not hide their intentions or fantasies.

EL raps “if my girl got has a girlfriend, I’ll be thankful/cos if we can’t explore one another then what are friends for?’

In essence, why cheat on your girl with her friend when you three can arrange a nice hook-up. That’s exactly what these three artistes are saying on this joint.

Click the link https://t.co/3TXUPic5wn





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