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Chaucer B comes once more with these rap lines taking you on a ride of the city. Enjoy it

Verse 1

Met this girl at Osu, fronting like from Cantonments but living at Kojo Sardine
Wanted Papaye for two, stunting hard then came to me, skin like old gabardine
Got her adinkra pie with juice that kinda looked like strawberry
I’m spending low in case the chase turned into snobbery
Lesson learnt from last June with that girl at Valley View
I paid the Piper, she called the tune,    Name her? Naa Kwarley Brew
Even Sedinam from Zenith Bank, Labone branch was going dutch
Lunch dates at Chase, she split the bill, but she ain’t no butch
Invited to service once at a church near Flower Pot
Usher chick, dark and tall, from Lashibi, near Shalom Spot
Said she worked at Nallem Clothing, schooled part-time at IPS
Or UPS, no idea, pretty cool but quite fierce
Had a little sister living with her mum at Spot M
Got a crush on me but I let it pass without contempt
I got too much on my roster with that chick at Haatso down, Mona Brown
Musuku Road all the way to Agbogba town


This City is Electricity
From Shiashie to Kaneshie
The game’s just simplicity
It’s just chicks who’re resisting

Verse 2

Let’s talk about that receptionist at Ernest Chemist on the main checklist
High cheekbones, Mrs Pitt’s lips  with rose tattoo on her left wrist
Said she only chilled at joints that got more stars than La-Palm has
But I saw her once as calm as a Roman nun at Las Palmas
That house on Lokko Street with the blue gate is where Yaa lives
Yaa may be your local chick but with her smooth taste she got captives
I recall the booty call just last May from Oyarifa
When I text, it’s duty call but her location was very far
So I got one in the hood, right near Yellow Signboard
Big boobs but very loose, held clinics for my fellow fine boys
Ama Fodwo lived in a fridge, emptied my wallet at Celsbridge
Single room at Asylum Down but lied, claiming it’s in North Ridge
One night me and my cousin, we were partying at Libya Quarters
Saw this girl, asked “who’s that?”, he replied “Olivia Quartey”
Skin so smooth like Syrian silk and you know Nivea got this
Took her home that night, Tinatett right, game plan was just tight
She said, “It’s Kotoko tonight”.
Fuck! do I fight or flight?
She failed a late fitness test, what a mess, I must confess and I lost Soccabet

Verse 3

GT Bank at Dansoman, had a chick who was pretty ace
Gifty Hanson was her name, her claim to fame? A pretty face
Had a pastor for a dad
Led the CCF on campus back at tech as an undergrad
But Gifty had a nigga in every hood, every hole, here and beyond
Spintex Road, Adjiriganor, Botwe, East and West Legon
Sakaman, Kwashieman, Mallam, Gbawe and McCarthy Hill
In fact she had a crash and burned but goes to McCarthy still
Last time we screwed, I flew her thong full mast at Tantra Hill
I spoke in tongues full watts, full blast and had a mantra drill
Sylvia claimed she had an office for real at Silver Star
Found out last semester
And a son called Yaw Sylvester
But I took it cool till one noon
Driving through town with DJ Mensah on air
Saw her selling in traffic near Opeibea House yelling “PK-Mentos!” Oh herh!



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