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On #PenMen today, Chaucer B pours another deep and thought provoking rhymes. The inspiration for this is embedded in the lines. Read through carefully


They put the city on hold to let pastor Chris pass
Even the Catholics would envy this pastor Chris Mass
In this new charismatic wave
The preacher and his sporting waves
I wonder if this is the teaching that Jesus gave
Business class tickets from the cedi you give for offertory
They say you gotta believe cuz this is the way out of poverty
He knows your needs long as you obey and feed our greed
We’ll bleed you dry but you gotta submit; you gotta heed!
Empty your wallets and purses
Divine instructions, it’s in the verses
Or you’ll bring upon yourselves curses
She gave her money, every bit, to the last of her cedis
They took it all, now they’re riding the latest Mercedes
She gotta walk from Alajo to Weija cuz she emptied her pocket
“Well, Jesus walked far way back, so be like Christ!” Sosket!

Businessmen in Cassocks
They turn their sheep into cash flock

Verse Two

We got wolves in sheep clothing
Snakes in the pulpit
And among the sheepfold this got the makings of the cultic
Putting the flock in mass hysteria, these men of God are the culprits
They run these churches like business but when asked to pay tax
Panic attacks and Xanax
Lord forgive us
For lying, proclaiming it was all for Jesus
Morals are low yet they act like they’re high on the Holy Ghost
Using Malachi three eight to take away from these lowly folks
Pretty thing sitting nine rows from the front in a tight dress
Preacher’s pocket rocket about to launch although it’s flightless
Got the man of God moving heaven and earth to get her
Fantasies of missionary position, might even get head together
One hand on her head, the other prodding and fondling her breast
“In Jesus name! I’m killing your cancer. The Lord is the best!”


We got OBTV with clowns representing a church
Performing tricks like chimps and monkeys for bananas and such
We’ve come full circle with this circus yet we’re going again
Cuz we got the gullible who believe in this devil’s chaplain
Let’s get to work, we need to build a   Obinim a special zoo
Before he turns into a snake, a tiger or kangaroo
Politicians and clergy, the laughing stock of this nation
Buffoonish bedfellows, them all, this ain’t my fucking imagination
Thought it was funny when a woman’s nudes got into circulation?
After the “Honorable’s” threat? It happened live, no speculation
And Ken went on the offensive, cussing without delay
Vicious and vile invectives from the MP but here we dey
None from his rank and file tried to put him in his place
He went ballistic, full of trash in a pile of disgrace
So what’s the remedy for Kennedy?
He belongs to the clergy, get him ready.

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