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Dasebre Dwamena’s brand of music is soulful, lyrically rich, infectious in composition and organic-classics in its own right. He was or still is one of the favourite highlife crooners around. His songwriting skills is excellent-his ability to infuse very rich proverbs in his music is a talent not many of his contemporaries are able to weave.

One of my favourite songs from the musical catalogue of Dasebre Dwamena happens to be Obaa, taken from his album by the same name. The song, which translate as ‘Lady’ or ‘Woman’, doubles as one of his most popular songs. As could be deduced from the title, Dasebre is heard exalting the virtues and qualities of a lady whom he wants as a wife.

This beautiful highlife tune with a usual theme came with a video that was daring, different and controversial per the demeanor of Dasebre Dwamena who is known for his conservative videos and songs.

The Obaa video was daring because the plot of the video broke traditional conventions. Different from the usual videos associated with him and controversial for depicting certain actions considered ‘taboo’ in our very conservative society.

The video, shot in a short film fashion starred actors Nana Ama McBrown, Omar Sherrif Captan and Majid Michel. Omar and Nana Ama were the protagonist (lovers) and Majid played the brother who kept antagonizing the efforts of Omar at wooing his sister; something most guys do as their way of protecting their sisters from jack-asses.

The ‘taboos’ this video depicted include long and deep kisses between the two lovers and ass grabbing. This was at a time when the Ghanaian society was trying to guard itself against the infiltration of ‘negative’ foreign culture into ‘our society’ and saving the Ghanaian youths from moral corruption. The rest-taking trips to the beach, driving around town, getting snacks and ultimately ending up in a marriage-is all too familiar.

As to be expected, tongues wagged on about the unapologetic display of ‘excessive’ kissing and that which should be ‘reserved for the bedroom’ .The rumour was that, Nana Ama lost her boyfriend at that time courtesy her actions in the video. Omar Captan found God and is now a pastor.

For Dasebre, who carried a calm and respectful demeanor as well as cautious in his lyrics-they were plain and devoid of any sexual tones- to put out such a ‘corrupting’ video was bold, clearly stating the need for artistes to be daring and not too predictable. A good step in my opinion.


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