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In 2004, Obrafour’s record label teamed up with Last Two to put out Execution Diary; a compilation album which was produced by legendary record producer Hammer. The album was to shine the spotlight on new, young, hungry and talented artistes. Most of these artistes were members of the Last Two ‘academy’; where they have spent months and years honing their rap skills. The album also featured and boosted the profiles of some of the known rappers.

The Execution Diary spurned many hit songs including Kpekpele (4×4), Ayeeko (Okra), Opabeni (Okyeame Kwame) and Kwakwa (Kwaw Kesse). As Mantse ‘The Signature‘ aptly put ‘the real cream of the album are the young and daring’, a reference to the underground rappers.

One of the songs that got rotation on radio was the KG & PM’s track ‘Mbre bi beba’. The song featured Obrafour, Baza (now Blitz The Ambassador), Eugene (Choirmaster formerly of Praye) with K.K. Fosu on the hook.

Obrafour, Baza (Blitz) and Eugene are still pursuing music. K.K. Fosu is trying to resuscitate his career. KG is in the UK pursuing other interests. PM has traded the mic for the turntables. He’s a DJ on Rainbow Radio, UK.

The Mbre Bi Beba video caught my attention and watching it this week noticed some few things. The video showed KG in a boxing bout with an opponent whom he knocked out cold. The referee who was officiating the boxing was Eugene. If not for the video, many wouldn’t have known that the artiste who sang as a member of the group Praye (continues to sing) under the moniker ‘Choirmaster’ was once upon a time a rapper.

Another highlight was the stars that featured in the video. These were the ‘celebrities’ of that era. The likes of KOD, Bush K, Abrewa Nana and Hammer himself in that thick afro.

And it’s exciting to see that, the majority of the artistes featured on this song are still doing music with those who made cameos are still in today’s showbiz-either radio, TV or both.

Watch the video


  1. anobokiti

    This is so culturally aesthetic! People undermine the artistic depth of a lot of Ghanaian artistes, it’s refreshing knowing so many have been at it for years – evidence of a commitment and genuine love for the art! Blitz especially, he’s come so far – MIND BLOWN. Lol


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