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‘Lord! It’s been a while/My face looks like the residential quarters of smile but deep within me is bitterness/ I’ve become bitter than the bile because the things/ I used to preach against has become my style’

This is how one of Ghana’s foremost contemporary poets, Rhyme Sonny opens his latest spoken word single CV of Sin.

The poem, as could be deduced from the title is a plead for salvation and Rhyme Sonny is heard asking for God’s intervention in ending some of his sins. What makes CV of Sin riveting is the intensity of delivery by Rhyme Sonny. He sounds emotive, real and honest. The delivery is perfect; flowing and clear in enunciation and emphasis placed where necessary.

‘From 2004 to 2007, I had my Masters Degree in Masturbation Technology/Since then, prayer has become my allergy/And anytime I do it, I see my soul reciting an elegy/ I can feel the will of my soul but my body make weak’

The issues laid bare in this poem are familiar and relevant and reflect the cycle of vices that many youths are trapped in today. On CV of Sin, Rhyme Sonny is not only highlighting the life he is indulged in but also putting across how addiction can ruin a beautiful life:

‘See Lord, in womanizing and fornication, I have an Advance Diploma/And I enjoy the drama, the trauma I put a lot of women through/Including my best friend’s mama/I see all females as nails and you know how we do as carpenters/We hammer’

Though a fictional rendition, Sonny’s attribution of his drug-filled behavior to his friend Selikem (@selikem23) gives the poem an aura of honesty. It drums home the power of negative peer influence which often times lead to the derailing of dreams.

CV of Sin is not a new poem. Sonny has performed it on a few occasions at some poetry event. Hearing it now, with all these keyboard notes and soft percussion aligned with his voice sounds fresh, different and riveting.

‘In church I see all sermons as a night of 1000 laughs; total comedy/If richness is being determined by goodness then I’m needy’.

Get to hear the other issues Rhyme Sonny shared in this poem here.


  1. shakesduncan

    If there’s anything unique and admirable about Rhymesonny, then it’s his astute ability to offer perfect rhymes. The way he knits words together to form those fine conglomerate of rhymes is very intriguing.
    I’m tempted to relate this particular piece to his “when I was a child” spoken word. Filled with so much gospel and a touch of salvation…


    • Swaye Kidd

      They share some similarities per themes and the gospel delivery. Sonny has perfected his art. A true performance artiste


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