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Laud DePoet is one of the few spoken word artistes who, in his own way, helping push the genre out to many people. Despite being young, he can be described as a veteran, considering the number of years he has been involved with spoken word/poetry. He has started a new spoken word series called Empty Konko and has released the first single of the series-which also bears the same name.

In this presser, Laud DePoet shares the inspiration and meaning behind the Empty Konko Series and talks Verbal Ink, his annual poetry event.

Empty Konko is a Ghanaian slang which, more or less, denote the sound made by an empty vessel. The slang in this context describes an attempt to master a trend of spoken word with a chorus or hook. This trend was not started by me but I have perfected the art and made it mine.

Per the hook of Empty Konko, my message is stated clearly:

Enobi me do anything

Ebi God wey edey do ein thing, wey eepick me…

I be empty konko wey edey take play win beat…

I be that black pen wey edey write win piece…

I be that black pen wey edey take write new history…

I am a servant God and so I take no glory…

Trust in none other….


I am on a mission

 Many might think I am rising up on a special ladder made of gold. I am sure you will attest to the fact that Verbal Ink;  an event which is organised by Mode Conceptz, which I happen to headline, has since its inception had a forte of excellence- this I deem an honour.  So in the hook I make known the fact that I have just been privileged despite many now referring to me as a Mogul in the industry. I still think it is God. The piece, Empty Konko, is, therefore, emphasizing humility as the key to greatness if not the master key.

The next Verbal Ink is going to be massive. All I can say is ‘Eyes have not seen nor do ears heard neither has it entered into the hearts of man what Mode Conceptz the organisers of Verbal Ink have installed for Spoken word and non-Spoken word lovers alike’

The next Verbal Ink would be hitting Cape Coast within the first quarter of the year and then descend to Greater Accra. The success of this wouldn’t have been successful had it not been for Quallos Production, an event and lifestyle company based in Tema.

Yes it is true what heard. Empty Konko is the first ever Spoken word series in Ghana.   Episode 2 drops soon, it will be released unannounced; like a thief in the night.


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