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Each year, new artistes bubble from the fringes into the mainstream and  become stars in their own right. As it is with the music industry, artistes picked for greater and bigger things sometimes don’t see success. Those who don’t get mentioned end up becoming huge by the end of the year.

This notwithstanding, predictions must be made and in this article, I make a list of artistes with the potential  to becoming successful in 2016.  



TEEPHLOW: Undoubtedly the most lyrically talented Fante rapper (and one of the best lyricists around), TeePhlow through his singles- Asheeda, Hossana and The Warning- exhibited his versatility and lyrical depth to the loud applauds of hip hop heads.  With Last 2 Hammer’s behind him, he is set to make an impression in 2016.


ADOMAA– Her debut EP Afraba is ready for release this month. By all indications, Adomaa is on course to becoming a known face and voice in the coming year. Already, her mash-ups have caught the attention of many. If the positive responds to her lead single ‘Traffic Jam’ is anything to go by, one can tell she’s about to hand some known acts real competition.


WORLASI– His debut album (as I describe it) had people enchanted. His passion and awareness coupled with his ability to rap and sing and preach about positivism leads me to describe Worlasi as ‘an artiste with conscience’. The reception to his debut Nuse is a testament to what Worlasi has to offer. And did I hear a lil birdie say he has a track with Sena Dagadu already?


KULA GH: Last year was a huge one for Kula when he performed on the Joy FM Old School Reunion stage to hundreds of fans. The opportunity could only impact on an artiste positively. And Kula rode on that wave last year, dropping singles and releasing visuals to his song ‘Amen’. The love he is receiving must spur him on through the year.


M3DAL: The artiste formerly known as Hot Jam’s Krom Ay3 D3 was my real introduction to M3DAL. His style of rap is not really unique but stylish.  Prior to Krom Ay3 D3, he had been featured on Magnom Beat’s Jam Jam and EL’s Unity (off BAR 2). Per the company he keeps, M3DAL has no excuse not to shine this year.


AKAN: If you still have doubt about his abilities, go and listen to his single Obiba J.K. His mixtape AKAN was one of the best well put together hip hop mixtape I heard last year. His proficiency and delivery of the Twi language over banging hip hop beats is dope. The difference between Akan and others is that, he has a scheme to his rhyming.


CINA SOUL: For an artiste like M.anifest to introduce a new act to a good crowd at Sabolai Radio concert last December was a big deal. For those who have heard her music, it wasn’t surprising. After her single ‘Awo’ hit social media and a few mash-ups released, it’s evident that Cina Soul is ready to take a piece of the musical action. The Cina I saw perform on stage at Sabolai Radio is one who is ready for the musical spotlight.


ELI MUZIK: Eli is an old voice yet new to those who may not know him. He has achieved some level of recognition on the music scene and has collaborated with the likes of Wanlov, Kojo- Cue, Rumour. His song, Devil Is In The Detail was chosen as a movie soundtrack for Sparrow Productions’ Devil In A Dress. Eli’s afro-soul style, his deep lyrics, versatility and warmth vocals endears to anyone who comes across his music. 2016 is a year for him to be in the open some more.


OBIBINI: Talk of rhymes, punchlines, delivery and humour and Obinini has them all. He is also deep with the things he speaks about. He has an aggressive style of rapping which is also attractive. Obinini, who is an artiste on DJ Blacks Toontoom Records has, through some of his releases gotten notice by rap fans. It is for him to build on the fanbase and surely 2016 per his rise could be a breakthrough year for him.


KIDI: Often times, winners of music reality shows aren’t able to cross over into becoming the big artiste they were expected to become. Kidi could perhaps become the exception to the rule. He’s a talented crooner and he winning the MTN HitMaker last year was not by accident. If he could build on that good run, he can go places.


DON ITCHY: First time I saw and heard of his song was on Sprite Ball Awards on TV 3. His attitude on stage and lyrics was impressive. He was able to work up the crowd and should he build on the reception, he can impress this year.


5 Responses to “ARTISTES TO WATCH IN 2016”

  1. Sly

    My money on the forth guy on the list and thats surely K.U.L.A ~Kula… Anyone in doubt should download his just released mixtape #Experiment_X

  2. Fred

    I’m appallled when an artiste like A.I. gives us nice hits to jam with but never appear in this blogspot that seems to celebrate good musicians.

    • Swaye Kidd

      Fred, I appreciate and understand your opinion. Let me break it down for you.
      1. The list you are alluding to was compiled in Jan, 2016, way before ‘Grind’ or ‘Tsio Ben Ke’. Around that time ‘AI’ wasn’t this hot. Also, I consider A.I. to be a TOP act and need not be on this list. In my review of JaySo’s ‘MTP’ album, I bigged him up.
      2. The view that he ‘never appear in this blogspot’ is untrue. I have featured him on ‘THE CUTS’ section of this blog. If you search him on this page, you’ll see for yourself.

      Yes, A.I is huge now and everywhere (his song). We also have plans for him.. Bigger ones. Don’t be appalled Mr. Fred.

  3. THE CUTS; EP 03 VOL. 13 | CulArtblog

    […] M3dal has always been on our radar since his song Krom Ay3 D3 came out in 2016. We tipped him for greater things in our list of future prospects in 2016. Even though he’s been lurking within the music space, he hasn’t been too visible. A day ago, he released his new single, Sagaa produced by Senyocue. Carrying a very infectious groove and catchy melody, M3dal is heard pleading with his lover to never betray him while assuring her of his unwavering love. Songstress Alexia hopped on the song to add some soulful touch to the song by repeating the hook of the song. M3dal chose to sing rather than rap and allowed the beat to play longer than it’s the norm these days. Hope his visibility won’t fade soon. […]


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