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This is the second list of artistes who ruled the music scene in Ghana in 2015. The first part was published on the 20th of January 2016. You can check the list here.


If there is anything that makes me a big EL fan it is not his talent (that is not in doubt). It is his work ethic and his calculative nature. He doesn’t put out music as others. There’s some scheme to how he put himself out, music wise.

In 2015, he did a lot that only a few would dare do. He put out his sophomore BAR Mixtape and staged the annual BAR Concert. He kept releasing singles off his second studio album, ELOM (Everybody Loves Original Muisc) which has been released.

From guest featuring on fellow BBnZ acts songs to dropping singles like Mi Na Bo Po and Koko, he gave his fans something to cheer about.

Performance-wise, mention any major show he wasn’t on? And by all standards, EL’s performance has improved tremendously and so has the music (well that we already know).



VVIP: Skolom, Dogo Yaro and other hits. VVIP has not lost their touch. The veteran group has survived many crashes but like the phoenix, they rise even stronger. Their longevity is primary to their ability to adapt to musical trends.

The inclusion of Reggie Rockstone has had its own advantages. His stature in the music scene and presence on social media hyping the VVIP brand definitely has kept them ‘alive’.  The impact of Skolom, Selfie and Dogo Yaro can’t be overlooked.

And they have translated this success unto the stage. They have performed on every stage-either big or small and the response from the crowd has always been on point.


PAPPY KOJO: If there’s anything visible about Pappy Kojo, it’s not his cool dreadlocks or tattered skinny jeans. It’s his growth, lyrically. Comparing his verses on Wave and Realer No to Ay3 Late, All Black and Yellow Sisi or Awo’a (his new single) surely, the Fante Vandame is proving he is not just hype. That whatever accolade he is getting is well deserved.

Within a year since his entry on the music turf, he has organized his own shows, worked with some of the big names in the industry (EL, Sarkodie) and performed on major platforms. Pappy might not be your ‘loud’ rapper but making big noise despite his calm and laid back disposition is becoming a hobby.




MZVEE: Until recently, I never knew Mzvee had two albums to her credit. That’s a big statement considering she has not been on the scene for a long while. Within this short period, she has won herself a following and positioned herself as the first lady of dancehall music in Ghana at present. She also held her own concert ‘ReVEElation’ this year. She released music onto the markets and shot a couple of video. She has forcibly become very visible; you can’t escape her-either with her music or on billboards.




WISA GRIED: Aside his recent troubles, Wisa had become a toast of many. His hit song ‘Ekiki Me’ with Luther and later the remix with Sarkodie gave him a mileage that won him favour with event organizers.


Ekiki Me is a of my personal favourites for the year and if not for the exhibition of uncalculated stupidity, Wisa would be on the path to seeing his career take off. I hope he rises above it.

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