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The Cut bring to its readers a weekly music or albums list by mostly Ghanaian artistes that this writer deem worth listening or having in your playlist. The music is not genre and/or regionally specific. Once it is good, it will be covered here.


It’s a rarity in these times to find young artistes performing highlife music so hearing the latest from Supreme Rights artiste Xtacy on this highlife love song had me excited. This is how he describes the theme of this up-tempo song: ‘Belubie is the name of a childhood sweetheart who glows under a different spotlight. He expresses his admiration for the transformation and notes the wonderful traits he failed to notice before and come to love’.

Xtacy proceeds to share the aftermath of the love-joy phase on S.H.O.U.T.S, an R&B ballad. Though not described as a sequel to ‘Belubie’, there’s a connection between stories. ‘You’ve been tripping yet your eyes can’t pretend. Just like mine, they show depth of regrets’.  Listen to SHOUTS here.


MR.O feat MUSH –IRON BOY: The last time we heard a song titled ‘Iron Boy’ was from highlife legend Amakye Dede. Mr. O thinks himself as the Iron Boy on this song where he talks about living the life (money, women and bottles) after the hustle. This KaySo produced track carries a mellow hip-hop vibe and borrows the famous Rex Omar ‘Dididadida’ on the hook.


EDWN- UNDER THE NIGHT SKY: I don’t know what inspired the song title but Under the Night Sky sees this sound experimentalist blending electro-pop, afrobeats and hip hop (trap) into a 3.02 minutes warmly grove. The beat is as cool as the note to the song: ‘Just Dance; or maybe Not. Welcome’. Pay attention to the details in the beat.



ODUNSI – VIBRATE: Odunsi describes himself as aan afro-fusionist and a producer and that is evident on his new reggae and hip-hop influence sound. The piano chords at the base of the song is excellent. The song urges you to vibrate (chill). Vibrate is a song for everyone-from the cool guy to the stoner.


TH’FRVNCHMVN – I DEY GREET: Off their Birthday Singles comes I Dey Greet, a song produced by Blyte. The hook ‘I dey greet you Nana/ Cos the wey things dey/Man make wild pass anything’ gives you an inclining into what this versatile rap trio are saying on the track. Check them out.

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