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Okyeame Kwame is a legend when it comes to the hiplife terrain. Since emerging on the music stage at the turn of the new millennium, as part of the rap duo Akyeame, he has and continues to thrill and amaze listeners with his music, rap skills, poetry and versatility. He doesn’t just rap or make music; he does it with elegance and artistic quality.

Going through his catalogue (8 albums-including four as part of Akyeame and many guest features), it is evidently clear, he is a master rapsmith. All the element of rap-metaphors, punchlines, storytelling, poetry and proverbs surround his songs. His versatility on tracks is one that is easily noticeable. He can switch styles on songs at any moment he wants. At a time when he claimed the Best Rapper Alive accolade, it was necessary and befitting.

In this article, after listening to over a dozen songs from him, I pieced these Top 10 songs that in my opinion, Okyeame Kwame dazzled with his skillful display of lyricism.

ONE GALLON –Bradez ft Okyeame Kwame

The Bradez (Kunta Kinte and FlowKing Stone) decided to put their older and more experienced brother, Okyeame Kwame on their first hit single. One Gallon is a song about love and the need to go the long haul and not stagger through it.

The two bradez showcased their lyrical prowess, bombarding the listener with outrageous technical and complex lyrics and amazing punchlines. But, it was Kwame who proved he was the GUY on the track, virtually stealing the song. His use of a car and importance of maintaining it to function effectively as a metaphor for keeping the love flames burning is to say the least incredible. A classic BRA verse.

KOKOKO ft Dasebre Dwamena

The two artists were on top of the game when this song was released. Kwame was still the Best Rapper Alive (BRA) with Dasebre Dwamena ruling the highlife turf. Together, their collaboration worked perfectly. Okyeame Kwame’s 2nd verse on this track warrants a salute (no exaggerations). He walks the listener on how a gentleman should approach a lady in a way not even Reggie Rockstone or Obrafour ever did. And the pattern of delivery is yours to listen and describe.


WOSO ft Richie

Woso, in my opinion resuscitated the career of Okyeame Kwame, the second time. The first, was when Obrafour put him on the Execution Diary. Okyeame Kwame was caught up in a situation where the young rappers were ‘killing’ and crashing every beat and the normal hiplife beat we know (a blend of highlife and rap) was fast giving way to all sort of musical influences.

To catch up and take his spot, he teamed up with the hottest producer at that time-Richie Mensah- to unleash one hell of a jam. Woso, with its crunk bounce set Okyeame on a musical prowl.

Woso is a song about hope and not giving up. And on the 2nd verse of the song, Okyeame Kwame touched on not giving up on love, job and rent pressures from your landlord/lady.

M’ASAN ABA -Akyeame ft Yoggi Doggi & Nana Quame

Akyeame’s first biggest hit was M’asan Aba (I’m Back), a song about going back to your love after abandoning them. The legendary Zapp Mallet produced song set what eventually became the hiplife soundtrack.

Anybody who listened closely realized the talent of Kwame from the onset. His verse was energetic, poignant and well delivered; espousing the qualities he would pour on his love should he be forgiven.

RINGTONE –Tinny ft Okyeame Kwame, ASEM, Richie

All those featured on the track excelled. From ASEM’s opening verse through to Tinny’s delivery, Okyeame Kwame added some deft to the remix. His versatility on recounting his conversation with his girl on the phone and what eventually became clear; her love for his ringtone, is a piece of well crafted verse.



On the Obrafour’s Execution Diary mixtape, Okyeame Kwame proved his worth after a long hiatus. The Rap Dacta rode effortlessly on this Hammer laid beat. What make his verses interesting are not the verbose statements or the shades of skills he exhibited but the deftness with which he meandered his way on that Hammer beat, something many rappers would find themselves inadequate to achieve.

OBAA PA- Akyeame ft Michael Dwamena

Off their last joint album Apam Foforo (New Testament) as a group, came this stellar hip-life song in appreciation of the women in their lives. Whiles Okyeame Quophi gave a shout to his would-be wife, Ama Adoma (Stacy), Okyeame Kwame fell short to indicate who his love interest was.

That notwithstanding, the Rap Dacta (doctor) went all out to dish one excellent verse (the last verse of the song), rhyming, dictating his rap tempo in a minute and half verse.

SIKA – ft Kesse

This is one of my personal BRA songs. The reasons include the beautiful melody- that Yaa Amponsah guitar works is soothing-and most importantly the message in the song- the power of wealth-its good and ills. Okyeame Kwame recounts the history of modern day money, its impact on world affairs, the need and desire for money-by personifying money.

At the end of the song, he adviced us to be cautious in our pursuit of money for it can end a life or start one.

EMERE- ft Kwabena Kwabena

Kwabena Kwabena reminds all that time is not static hence no need to waste your time. Okyeame Kwame speaks of his wishes to go back into time and reverse tragic events, share in good old memories, regrets and advice great leaders of time past.

Emere (Time) gives you the kick to do act wisely since time must be used wisely and profitably.


WIFEY- DJ Mensa ft Okyeame Kwame & Lady Jay

On this DJ Mensah conceived and JaySo produced song, Lady Jay’s voice seduces your ears. Okyeame Kwame comes in and renders two verses on the complications of being in love. In the first verse, he acknowledges his flaws-his uncouth attitude towards his ‘wife’ and the second, the joys of their union. The fault(s) of everyman in a relationship was captured in there. Listen here



3 Responses to “TOP 10 OKYEAME KWAME VERSES”

  1. Efo Dela

    Okyeame Kwame is my favorite Ghanaian rapper bar none.
    There was a time his rap verse in Masan Aba was studied in English literature by all KNUST students.
    He has this song Kwame Ghana which I’ve heard only twice but loved his rap verse on that so much


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