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The Cut bring to its readers a weekly music or albums list by mostly Ghanaian artistes that this writer deem worth listening or having in your playlist. The music is not genre and/or regionally specific. Once it is good, it will be covered here.

One of the beauties of social media is that, you chance on works by some incredible people which leaves you enchanted. Just this week, I have heard some scintillating works from new artistes which is earning them ‘respect’ on social media.

I’m dedicating this piece to spotlighting them to readers who have not yet heard their music.


A beautifully breathing ballad delivered in exquisite velvety tone. Awo, sang by Cina Soul and produced by KaySo, is dictated by measured piano chords with Cino Soul soulfully breezing through the chords with a desiring cry for her runaway lover in an English (I’ve been bleeding too slow/I’ve been breathing too slow) and Ga (Awo shee me ke te) blend.

Cina Soul, whom I’m hearing for the first time, knows how to hit and balance her notes well. And has a voice that stirs shelved dark memories of stale love affairs. Awo has a future to be a big tune. Cina’s step into the spotlight begins with Awo.

AYAT feat DCMKS– IDKY (I Don’t Know You)

The influence of Trap Music is definitely here to stay and most artistes are embracing it. AYAT and DeyCallMeKayso, who doubled as the producer, are part of artistes putting a bit of Trap in their music.

AYAT and DCMKS cautions- in Hausa and English- all those who never helped them in their struggling days to expect the ‘I Don’t Know You’ response when they blow up. The energy and rawness behind the music offers the song some extra appeal. ‘Anfut) Gare Y’awayi’ (We are out. It’s morning) and the grind must begin!



It was my friend @sugahunyicetea who tweeted the link onto my TL accompanied by some kind words. I clicked it and t’was this beautifully exalting gospel tune serenading my ears.

Joe Mettle is a widely known name within the Ghanaian gospel space. Niiella, I’m hearing the name for the first time probably because I don’t listen to enough gospel.

 There’s always something riveting about live recorded music and Obiara Nni Ho (There’s None Like You) exudes that classiness. Sang in twi and English, the song uses very simple, everyday familiar lyrics. And on the 5th minute mark, the tempo slows to a mellow session where Niiella and Joe serenade the listener with their powerful voices. This song is definitely a new found favourite.

Listen to the song here


Producers Mike Millz and JaySo joined forces with Teddy OT to rework this old classic Methodist Christian tune by giving it an R&B tone with a bit of rap and an evergreen twi chorus as hook.

Teddy OT’s voice sounded rich and malleable- hitting the high and low notes effortlessly. JaySo is heard rapping about his family, life, growing wise and the good run he is having in 2015.

Teddy OT’s version of Hark The Herald is refreshing, appealing and well crafted. It’s one to put you in the yuletide mood.  It’s worth a place on your gadgets.



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