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The Cut bring to its readers a weekly music or albums list by mostly Ghanaian artistes that this writer deem worth listening or having in your playlist. The music is not genre and/or regionally specific. Once it is good, it will be covered here.




Black Star Line artist TreyLa isn’t slowing down. Weeks after dropping his ‘Queens’ single, he is out with a new one-Ayo Ayo.

Produced by Coptic and featuring Kwaw Kesse, who is also a frequent Coptic collaborator, the two artists exude a certain energy and bounce that is incredible; with Kwaw Kesse delivery one of his best and most coherent verses in a long while.

TreyLa’s wordplay-with the first 7 alphabets-is worthy of praise. Ayo Ayo is pure fire, pure hip hop.

Download by clicking the link https://t.co/W0TXz1CUR0


M.anifest decided to break his ‘silence’ by releasing this new highlife tinged single W’ani Aba, a song about people’s’ jealousy or enviness towards those successful in life.

On W’ani Aba, M.Dot weaves a story-like tale, filled with exquisite wordplay and befitting punch lines that thrills and feeds the listener with provoking thoughts.

Recruiting highlife crooner Bisa K’Dei on the chorus and Kwame Yeboah on production, M.Dot has put out a song that speaks to the listener.


XO Senavoe did something on this track many, including his core fans, never imagined. He rapped in Twi. Not a line or two but for 35 seconds, XO sent out, with rapidity, warnings shots to his competitors, haters and pretentious friends whiles selling his own qualities.

Ghost, produced by Gefacci- XO’s frequent collaborator- rides on full hip hop beat with the hook delivered in twi by Brenya Music plus additional vocals from Selassie, Flowking Stone.

Though XO has not been on the hip hop scene for long, his incredible skill set has endeared him to many well respected acts on the hip hop scene here in Africa. And at the end of his delivery, one hears the props from the likes of MI, Sarkodie and Reggie Rockstone.

I’m on the edge mayne/Tell ’em cats don’t push me/cos I’m Ewe (No.9)/ Of course I eat pussies’!  Damn, XO Senavoe..

DJ JULS feat Mr. EAZI & Joey B – HOLL’UP

DJ Juls and Mr. Eazi can now be said to be made for each other. After dropping two hits (Bankulize and Skin Tight), the two continue the ‘Juls-Eazi’ series by releasing Holl’ Up featuring Joey B.

Holl’ Up (Hold Up) is a mid-tempo track which lament the lifestyle of some ‘Girls With Attitude’- those who think the world revolves around them (You think say the world revolve around your bum bum/You think the world revolve around your fine face/Holl’ Up).

Joey B dedicated his verse to addressing the hypocrisy of these ‘girls with attitude’ who become all cozy with ‘not in my league’ guys when they (guys) become successful warning ‘beware, time changes’.

Judging by how these DJ Juls –Eazi singles keep dropping, I won’t dismiss the idea of a joint album or EP.


A breezy jazz opening full of alluring horns, soft drums and chimes plays for 45 seconds and fades. Next comes heavy kick and bass and a reverbing hats. In a second, the two styles blend uniformingly into something irresistible. That’s what is served on this newly released beat track, Momentum produced by EDWIN D (on twitter as EDWVN).

Momentum, which runs for just 2 mins 50 secs samples Kanye’s ‘All Day Nigga’ line and one can hear the elements of traditional West African dondo drumwork.

EDWIN D joins a growing list of producers pushing their creativity by experimenting with music and sound without fear.


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