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The Cuts bring to its readers a weekly music or albums list by mostly Ghanaian artistes that this writer deem worth listening or having in your playlist. The music is not genre and/or regionally specific. Once it is good, it will be covered here.

KOJO-CUE feat. Lil’ Shaker – Count Your Money

Your beginning no dey hia them/Ebi your end them dey wait o/Ebi your failure dey hia them/That be dema aim o’ sings Lil’ Shaker on this new banger from Kojo-Cue.

The two BBnZ Live acts collaborate on this single Count Your Money, whose message is simple: people would talk about your success and not how and where you started from.

Kojo-Cue, whose major project ‘This Earth, My Brother’ is scheduled to drop next year appears to be one of the hardworking acts around. With ‘Lavender’ still making  waves on radio and video on TV, Count Your Money is definitely set to make rounds on radio, clubs and everywhere.

M3DAL feat. EL – KROM AY3 D3

First time hearing his name and music and I’m out here searching for his other tracks. This single from rapper M3DAL is a certified hit. With its unmistakable azonto rhythm and a laid back rap style, Krom Ay3 D3 (There’s Fun Everywhere) produced by Sam 1 surely would put M3DAL out of there. And those EL ad-libs are gorgeous.

OMAR STERLING feat Sarkodie & Ice Prince -SWAG

‘It’s 20 past 2 AM/ Just recorded four afro beats/I wanna trap’, this is how Omar Sterling aka Pae Dae) opens his new trap induced single SWAG featuring Sarkodie and Nigerian rap royalty Ice Prince.

Trap Music seems to be the new wave rappers in Ghana are riding on lately. Omar Sterling seems to be on a path to prove to his critics he is a good rapper (he has been derided for being ordinary).


Sometimes sounding like Future Hendrix (thanks to the auto-tune), Omar Sterling’s pen is flowing with good lines lately ‘I burn so much trees that’s why I roll with fire fighters’ and Killmatic is laying the beats right as well.


High Grade Family’s Kofi Kinaata has released a new motivational single about being grateful or content with ones status in life. Susuka (Talk Less) has a preachy tone, urging people to stop comparing their circumstances with others since there are others worse off than them: ‘You’re complaining of having no shoes. What should the one with no feet say or do?’

It won’t come as a surprise if Kofi Kinaata’s Susuka finds its way into church halls and earning a spot in ‘Praise Songs’ book of Charismatic churches.



I don’t know what to say about this new Ian Jazzi record since I never imagined him going this direction incorporating English, Twi, Pidgin and Ga on this R.I.C.O cover.

Grinding hard and not joking with life is the crux of this cover and with its catchy hook, Ian Jazzi has finally gotten a track people could vibe with all day.


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