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The Cut bring to its readers a weekly music or albums list by mostly Ghanaian artistes that this writer deem worth listening or having in your playlist. The music is not genre and/or regionally specific. Once it is good, it will be covered here.



SKIN TIGHT in Ghanaian slang refers to fitting clothing (body tube, leggings or tight jeans). So, when Mr. Eazi sang ‘Make I dey your body like skin tight’ over what is becoming a DJ Juls signature beats (heavy kicks and snares) the meaning of song was not hard to discern. Efya was on hand to add a touch of gold to the song with her amazing voice.

This is the second song Mr. Eazi and Juls have worked on-the first being the banger Bankulize featuring singer Pappy Kojo. Judging by the magic Mr. Eazi and DJ Juls bring on a track, one could only imagine how a joint album would sound: fresh and satisfying.



‘And they ask, if I ever want to make a baby?’ This is the question spoken word artiste Mutombo Da Poet opens his new single Father Figure-a welcoming tribute to his new born son.

Mutombo Da Poet gives the listener an insight into his anxieties, hopes and fears for his child and extend a full hearted love to his beloved wife ‘Love is not the only beautiful thing/Pregnancy is up there too/Queen becomes nine month a slave to a Prince’ 

Mutombo Da Poet has not shied from talking about his ‘runaway’ father many times so it is not a surprise hearing his son seeks assurances from him ‘Dad, is your son/Will you be a father figure?/Will you be there for mum and watch me grow bigger?’

Birth or creating life is not a new topic tackled by MutomboDaPoet. On his debut spoken word album PhotoSentences, he spoke about the plea of unborn child to his mother contemplating abortion on Unborn Talks. Congrats Tombolo!



‘This is no disrespect to none of y’all beautiful ladies. Is just my admiration to everything you doing’, this is the disclaimer issued by TreyLA at the end of his new single Queens.

The song celebrates Ghanaian women succeeding in various fields albeit laced with sexual innuendos in a well crafted manner. The song is produced by Coptic and is the new single off the Black Star Line signee’s upcoming album Graaaduation.

The album title speaks of TreyLA’s move from an underground rapper to an established hip hop artistes and the album will feature some of the big names on the GH hip hop scene and some international acts.

Listen and Download here


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