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BBNZ’S VERY OWN E.L KEEPS living up to the BAR tag proving why he is one of the top acts on the hip hop scene in Ghana. With his BAR II mixtape set for release and its concert (B.A.R Concert) soon to be staged plus producing, guest features and performing at various concerts, 2015 has definitely been a busy one for E.L. As he said on My Guy ‘I’m working mayne’.

This week, he released a video to one of his singles, King Without A Crown (K.W.A.C). Shot by Phamous Philms, the video, which is heavy with effects (typical Phamous Philms trademark) is simple and eye catching. Aside these, KWAC video features alot of symbolism driving home the message in the song.

In this article, I’ll be breaking down the symbols in the video.

The video opens with footage of a road towards the Crown. The road looks dark and patchy, an indication of how hard and rugged the road to success looks. EL is heard reciting Psalm 23 asking the Lord to strengthen him on his trip towards greatness.

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Next, we see EL puffing out a thick smoke as an earlier smoke fades away. The fading smoke represents the old status before EL came onto the scene. The fresh smoke; the new order he is about establishing. We also see him standing on an illuminated spot enjoying the shine-he’s the one, the king, the Czar.

As he starts to rap, we witness the destructions that he causes with his flow– debris, remnants of things tumbling everywhere-courtesy the cigar (fire) he flipped away. It is not hard to deduce what that represent. Like the meaning underlying the smoke puffing scene, the destruction means the old hip hop house must give way for the new he is building. And, there was a running mouse, symbolizing haters, fake rappers and friends and competitors (real or phonies) with no place to hide. A real house cleaning exercise going down.


The next footage shows EL sitting in between large fontomfrom drums with a drummer thumping away with vigour. Fontomfrom drums, in Ghanaian culture have a significant role. It is a ‘talking drum’ used to send messages on new developments within our traditional societies. It is to be said that, the pounding of the drums is to herald and announce the installation of a new king.

EL’s outfit is another symbol worth talking about. EL spots a black T-Shirt, a camouflage trouser, a black boot with him holding a ‘Thor’ hammer with his trademark ‘PRAY’ inscribed cap. The black leather jacket signifies mourning the old system he has destroyed and those caught in the destruction. The camo and boots is for soldiers ready for war; the Thor hammer; a symbol of authority and influence.

The last scenes of the video shows flags flying high. Flags are waved as a sign of victory usually after a conquest or achievement. Flags are planted at a site to signify ownership of the territory. In short, waving flags are to signify authority over territories won. As EL declared himself the new king, the BAR flags is to remind everyone that, the hip hop turf is under his jurisdiction- in line with the new order he represents.

Watch the King Without A Crown video below

Written by @swayekidd

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