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FRVNCHTH’FRVNCHMVN (The Frenchmen) has done enough to make themselves noted on the GH hip hop front courtesy their debut album 2.0. Though not a spectacular album, 2.0 can best be described as ‘decent’. This notwithstanding, there’s something glossy about the album. TH’FRVNCHMVN- a quartet made up of three rappers and a poet-succeeded in blending rap with spoken word poetry in splendid fashion. If poetry (spoken word) and rap are bedfellows, then TH’FRVNCHMVN successfully confirmed that fact.

Tracks such as Blood of our Fathers, with its dirge-like piano chords is a full bloom spoken word recitation where Nelson the Poet traces the history of slavery, colonialism (the slave trade gas evolved/and anyone who inhaled it wanted to get involved) to independence (The blackman might have won the battle for once/but the war doesn’t end/It’s about time we make our foes our friends/improve and appreciate how far the dripping blood of our fathers went).

Blue Sky with its soulful vibe and boom bat beats reminiscent of the early 90s sees TH’FRNVCHMVN rapping about hope and survival in the rap game and life ‘This is a country that needs the young people to change it up and make it a place for good living’.

On the Riley beats produced Love Us; the group trace their origins and share their motives- staying original and different. ‘Now it’s time for our shine/Our days of unshackled rains currently on your screens/ playing’. Love Us mirrors the Drake banger ‘On One’

A banging trap beats, horns and a touch of jama produced by Odusi, 2.0 is one of the tracks that standout on the album. TH’FRVNCHMVN showcased their skills on this one ‘We are on the road and hitting home/ we’ve been out so long John Silver he ain’t know who stole the boat?’ Obviously coming ashore to be noticed

TH’FRVNCHMVN failed to chisel out a well deserved piece of work on The Fela’s Kuti Interlude ,a  well sampled 1969 Fela Anikulapo Kuti track ‘Witchcraft’. The track was botched up with needless rap skill exhibitions and off beat rap all in the name of free-styling. It is a crime to take a classic and mess it up, even if it’s for interlude. Note that!

Power Within produced by Nel Magnum has a political theme-slamming the politicians for their corruptible actions and calling on citizens to realize the power they have to hold politicians accountable. ‘Is power they want/you can do better to empower yourselves/you are the people and you’re the voice/ so get together and make all the noise’.

It is usually the expectation that a debut album from a relatively unknown group will have a dense and captivating aura, it must be said that 2.0 didn’t quiet hit that mark. The album falls within the ‘descent album’ category. Their ability to incorporate rap and spoken word on this album deserves plaudits. The collective, I’m sure will step up their efforts on the sophomore for they are FRVNCH.

Rating: 5/10

Stream album here   http://www.deezer.com/album/9829924

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