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Ghana’s foremost rapper, Sarkodie

Dear Sarkodie,

I hope this letter finds you in good shape considering how the past week had been a busy one for you.

You returned from the States and thrilled fans with a set of spectacular performances at the Ghana Meets Naija event. From the statements of fans who attended, you ‘killed’ it. You again proved to the hundreds at the auditorium of the AICC that you are not just a great rap act but also an incredible performer.

If there was another thing you proved, it is not to allow personal issues derail ones task at satisfying fans that have paid hard cash to not only see you but support you.

That is something to applaud. Keep it up boss.

However, you will agree with me that the week gone by has been a chaotic one for you, considering the brouhaha surrounding you featuring American rapper Ace Hood on your soon to be outdoored single ‘New Guy’.

The real contention or debate per the feature is not something I am concerned about (I’m sure the story was widely publicized enough).

My contention again isn’t about how the issue of the feature came about. The news came from people closer to you. They got carried away by it and did put their own twist to it (which has been shot down since).

I’m not concerned with why your team (manager or publicists) didn’t make an effort to set records straight when they heard (I guess they did considering the tech age we live in) to dispel or right the wrong information being fed the fans and the nation.

I won’t blame them because in showbiz, hype is everything. Hype sells and shoots your value notches high.

I’m not concerned about why Ace Hood chose to fire that salvo at you. Guess the reason is not far-fetched. I’m concerned as to why you chose not to set the records straight when you had the opportunity to do so when Bola Ray interviewed you. You chose to feed us-fans and admirers- the same “fabrication” making rounds.

I know it is hard to derail from the ‘story told’ if it will serve your interest. Such a move would not only discredit your own ‘people’ or team members but give reason to people to question your team’s competence.

You didn’t. You kept their ‘story’ going although you knew the real situation and how that feature was birthed. You chose to disrespect and insult the intelligence of your fans and everybody as well. You could have told the real story without disclosing the sum involved. You could have told us Tigo Deezer- a service you are the face made the feature happen.

But, there was one thing you forgot to be smart about unfortunately. It was some of your responses in that Bola Ray interview. Some of your comments gave birth to doubt about this project.

You opened by saying Ace contacted your team in US to work with you. Fine.Then you went on to state ‘he then told me which studio to book…’ That caused a bit of head scratching.

My point is you goofed when communicating to us. You derailed from the narrative.

Some of your responses were not smart enough; you kept the earlier false narrative going. Remember Sark, some people’s job is to listen, make deductions, peg it against earlier comments before finally, drawing conclusions.

I was not enthused by the naked and vile attack heaped on you. The name calling and the negative energies poured out by a section of Ghanaians. I’m sure some of your fierce critics felt betrayed by your antics.

Again, you will agree with me that you and your team caused it. A bit of truth could have avoided this entire dent to your hard won reputation.

This brings to focus the job of your team in handling information about you and stepping in to defend and protect your brand. I think it is time for them to be proactive. Such bad press is not something the Sark brand needs. You’ve worked hard to build it. You must work hard to protect it too.

Sarkodie, you are huge in Ghana. You are one of the biggest stars in Africa – Forbes called you ‘a bankable artiste’. Your accolade is superb-3 time BET nominee winning on one occasion. You don’t need to put up such cheap hype-driven antics or stunt to announce a new record. We know what you can do, how you hold your own when on a song with huge personalities- we heard you on ‘Lay Away’ and MI’s ‘Millionaira Champagne’. Sark chale ‘Wony3 b3t33’ (you are formidable)

All I’m saying in this open letter is this: Stay on top of issues especially things that bother on your image and repute. Once you lose them you are done. And remember also, honesty is important when dealing with fans.

Your team might be your family. It is imperative to pay attention to Jay Z (your mentor’s) words: ‘…but soon as all the money blows/all the pigeons take flight. It might not be your money. Rather something negative. Ask if they’d stick with you or move on to the next one.

Keep shining Sark. Keep your head up.


An admirer of your success story who hopes to author your biography someday.
PS: sorry if you find some of my words caustic. Truly apologizes.
This post was written in the wake of the revelations that Sarkodie sponsors paid $25,000 to have Ace Hood on the track. The track New Guy has been released with the video premiered on MTV Base recently.

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