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12.06.2009-Dortmund Signal Iduna Park Reggae Special-Special Guest Dellé, Foto: Foltynowicz

12.06.2009-Dortmund Signal Iduna Park Reggae Special-Special Guest Dellé, Foto: Foltynowicz

FRANK DELLE is not a familiar name is Ghanaian music circles despite his fame in Germany and parts of Europe (he was the lead singer of Reggae band Seeed). Frank Delle, is of a mixed parentage-a German mother and a Ghanaian father. He is the nephew of former PNC Presidential Aspirant and foremost dermatologist, Prof. Edmund Delle.

In 2009, he released his solo album ‘Before I Grow Old’ and one of the songs that caught the attention of a section of Ghanaians was Pound Power.

The track got rotation on some radio stations with Metro TV’s Ad Cycle regularly showing the video shot in Ghana by Phamous People (now Philms) during a trip to ancestral home in 2010.

Pound Power is a cross-genre track –a reggae track with hip hop and afro beats influences courtesy some incredible horns. Delle and his crew are seen cruising through the capital, ending up at Heavy Do Chop Bar to feast on fufu (a popular dish in Ghana).


The video captures aspect of Ghanaian life (trading, hustle, parties) and famous sites such as the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum, Independence Square, Kaneshie Market, James Town Beach. Reggie Rockstone makes a cameo appearance as a dj at a party.

Five years down the line, Pound Power still sounds refreshing and the video a good capture of both faces of Ghanaian life. Delle’s voice permeates through the gripping rhythms of the song beautifully.

How I love a glass of wine or two

For in wine I only see the truth

Life..oh this life is way too short

So I like it big so super nice and sweet

Pound Power!

Watch the video

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