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Akosua @ 25 Concert Review


Akosua Agyapong

Thought I was late when I turned up around 9pm for a 7pm programme. I guess I was one of the punctual people at the Akosua @ 25 Concert –a celebration of Akosua Agyapong’s 25 years in showbiz- held on Saturday, 31st May, 2015 at the Accra International Conference Center. It was not till 15 minutes after sitting that the stage saw some action; a gospel act and a chorography performance.

Please note that this not an objective write-up. Oh and my background; an underground act yet to hit the limelight. Pardon me on the hating level and how I chose to cover the event.

To start off, I think the MCs were the best I have seen in a while, Stacy and Yaw Sakyi. They didn’t drag the programme and in some way acted professional. But I think that Stacy’s question/comment to Sarkodie on the collaboration with Ace Hood was a “nonfa”. All the same, two thumbs up for them.

Now to the acts on stage; hmmm, Mama Zimbi simply put shocked me. Her stage craft and singing abilities that night was awesome, considering the technical hitches and coming from a radio/TV presenter who is generally not known for that, madam you force!


Mama Zimbi

Sarkodie for me was the flop of the night. With the current controversies surrounding him, I thought that his works would have spoken for him. “My DJ is in Liberia preparing for a show am to perform tomorrow”, so what? Masa, you had an audience to perform to. You could have declined the offer to show up at Auntie Akosua’s event. No need to prove that you didn’t prepare for the show. Definitely a lot of question marks on the minds of your fans. My candid advice: stop digging your grave. Although I admit how they called you up stage was not right, you could have been professional enough.


Sarkodie shaking hands with Ex-prez. Rawlings failed to excite the crowd as expected

The night turned out to be a battle between the old and new generations of musicians in the country, which the old school won hands down. MzVee did not do a good job for the new school acts. She missed her verse on her flagship song “boko boko”. Stage fright, I guess. I would have done the same if I was performing in-front of this huge audience with JJ, Nana Konadu and Kuffour sitting on the front row. Hey, but you are supposed to be a professional.


MzVee couldn’t light up the night

Your management could have strategically thought of how to trial an audience of that standard.  Once a member of the Lynx family, I will urge Albert, Michael and Richie to revise strategies because the brand MzVee is very vibrant but there’s no song to match. Please work on it because I get crush on her.

Undoubtedly the best performer on the evening was highlife legend Nana Ampadu. The veteran proved why old wine tastes best. The great story teller used his music to advice all present. He got the audience to listen whiles he performed “Obra” and other songs. It would only be fair to say that Nana fooled Rawlings, Kuffour and the entire crowd with the second part his stage act.


Man of the night, Nana Ampadu (R) photo credit: PeaceFmonline

After his musical performance, Nana told the crowd he was going to perform a special dance which involves him rolling under a knee level bar, which two of his backing vocalist acting as poles. Considering his age (70+), he asked the audience to make monetary donations before he made the move. Mr. Rawlings, Nana Konadu, Mr. Kuffour and a couple others made their contributions whiles he kept on dancing.

He danced to the pole and requested for a microphone. He asked the band to stop playing for a message for the audience. His message gave a “Kalybos Moment” (medi nkwasia sem) feel to all those who made contributions and those who wondered how he was going to pull it off. He simply asked whether they would have advice their 70+ father or grandfather to pull off such an act because of their small contributions, jovially calling them wicked people. The crowd could help but laugh and clap. The best act but all standards.


Rapper Edem

My second best performer for the night no doubt is Edem. Guy rocked the stage. He saved the face of the new school artiste. He got the crowd dancing and singing along his hit songs. Energy level was perfect. Not only did he prove he was good on stage but also a strategic opportunist- smart move to schedule an appointment with ex-president Rawlings if you ask me. .That’s on the lighter side.

Amanzeba kept the heat up with his “Kpanlogo” hit song.  Becca was another face saver for the new school artistes. The audience wondered why Rex Omar heated the place with just “Di dada di” and left.

Gyedu Blay and AB Crenstil showed class. Nana Ama McBrown was something else with her performance. Singing a rendition of a Bob Marley song, introducing Akosua Agyapong and how they were all dressed in a military “camo” made it awesome. The Immigration Band was superb on the night


Nana Ama McBrown (R) was a revelation on the night

Oh and the main act Auntie Akosua, sorry I could not sit to see you perform. My house was kinda far from the AICC and I had to leave. I left the auditorium around 12:38am when Uncle Ambolley was performing. I guess I would have seen you proper if the programme had start on time. Saw excerpts of your performance on TV and I am guessing it went good. All the same, thanks for a good show and more grease to your elbow.

Anyone who missed out the show, missed out big time.

This review was by guest writer Safo Wiafe (@forksafo) who was at the concert.

The views expressed by this writer doesn’t reflect that of the owner of the blog.

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