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Junior, a popular investigative journalist who is regarded by many as the black sheep of a well respected family got his father to resign his position as a head pastor a decade before his retirement date and his mother hospitalized as a result of his numerous wrongful behavior.

Kobby, a pastor, who followed in the career path of his dad, takes all steps within his power to derail his promiscuous brother’s efforts at marrying a member of his church due to his hidden interest.

Hilda is a very disciplined; God fearing and prayerful lady whose naivety and innocence made her a prey to the advances of a cunning bachelor, who intends to marry her as a way to mollify his parents. She remained adamant to advice against marrying Junior.

Junior succeeded in marrying Hilda but his intentions of rendering her a gullible, respectful house wife who won’t have the guts to question his old vices-smoking, drinking, and infidelity- had a rude awakening, leading him to ask the big question: WHO ARE YOU?

Forbidden has all the elements of theatre. The story is relatable (not all that glitters is gold), excellent acting by the characters (Hilda and Junior), humour (Hilda, Junior and Disaster were awesome). The singing and choice of songs to complement each performance was fitting likewise the choreography displayed.

One could understand the idea behind the use of some of the cast as aesthetics (chairs, fridges, plants, telephones instead of the real room furnishers)- so they cast could join in the choreography performances when need be without shuffling chairs or tables, it stirred murmurs of fear from the audience, especially when the actors had to sit on them.

The performance of Hilda at the tale of the play was exaggerative and her singing was sometimes stung the ears.

Despite these reservations, Uncle Ebo and Roverman Productions latest play is a powerful and well executed play by all standards. It was not surprising when the whole auditorium gave him a resounding ovation after the play.

Forbidden is a must see.

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