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PaeDae aka Omar Sterling has received flack from many for what they describe as his under par deliveries songs -either on a R2Bees track or featured. But, the rapper (one half of the duo R2Bees) is out to silence his critics on this new single from his yet to be released album Victory Through Harmony.

Produced by Killmatic, Pae Dae references the Pelle Pelle jeans, baggy white Tees and wallaby boots era that was in vogue back in the 90s and shout out NAS like a core fan would.

The song talks about success born out of chasing his dream. The video captures the R2Bees kingpin with Mugeez and friends blowing trees and having good time.

“Champagne for the pain if you know what I’m saying’’ is going to be the anthem for now.

Watch the video


This Is Crazy Chaley! Is the signature tune of EL on production. Now, it is the title of BBnZ’s very own EL new single off BAR 2.

This Is Crazy Chale is a ‘started- from- the- bottom-now- we-here’ kind of story. It’s a celebration of the returns that comes with it hard work.

‘here we are/We stronger than ever/Nothing can break us/If we standing together/Though we may fall /We’ll find the courage to get up/And make it better through our every endeavour’, EL reminds us.

EL gives special mention to JaySo (his former Skillions rap mate) and Jay Foley (who gave him a shot back in the day).

This Slimbo produced tune could be described as a sequel to the ‘Saa Na Eti3’ (That’s how it is) from the BAR 1, where EL shared his earlier days of struggle prior to breaking through the gates of fame.

Enjoy it

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