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Kennetha Brown speaks on the meaning of poetry, wearing her hair natural and what language means to her.


What does poetry mean to you?

To me, poetry is just an expressive art through the creative use of words. Its like a personal outreach, outpour or extension of the poet’s self and its great when others can appreciate it too

How and when did you start?

Journal writing was my first avenue and I wrote religiously from 2006 (I was ten) till 2012 and filled up about 7 whole diaries. The poetry started in Secondary School around 2009 when I started serious study of literature. It amazed me the ideas poets were weaving into their works in such creative ways!

You do dabble in short story writing, what does writing do to you?

I feel it’s a great shortcoming that I don’t yet confidently write short stories. I do have many story ideas floating around so I’ll try the “just write” motto many suggest.

What is your opinion on the quest for women to showcase proudly their sexuality?

It shouldn’t be a quest in the first place. That’s like being on a quest to make art. It’s not an active mission. It should just be a part of you and should be expressed as and when you feel it

Why do you wear your hair natural? Will you ever wear a weave?

I was forced to wear a weave once and it itched my scalp straight down to my soul (LOL)! Having said that, I love it on others and I’m not averse to donning one soon. My hair’s natural because it’s just how it grows and I don’t see why I should change it really. I was relaxed (hair) for 3 and a half years and being natural just feels better to me. I shaved the sides of my hair last summer and it felt so good, I wanna cut it all off now but a part of me also wants to see how big I can gro’ the fro. So we’ll see!

What are you passionate about as a person?

Humans and the dynamics of the relationships amongst us (people). Like how friendships develop, virtual interactions, etc. Linked with that is language, and as a poet and linguist this matters to me a lot. I like observing how the speech of the young and old differs in the following groups especially: Ghanaians, African Americans, British and Francophones. I’ve also recently tried to write a couple of pieces in Fante and Ewe; I like the challenge.

If you were to play God for a day, what 5 things will you change about the world?

Wow. We have to take care of world hunger and world peace first, of course. Then, make men and women equal as a default. Next, equal opportunities in education. My last power, I take dash you!

Which will you pick anyday

Shoe/Sneaker – Sneaker!

Jeans/Skirt – Jeans!! (Sneakers and Jeans… I really see myself as a tomboy)

Banku/Pizza – Banku!!!

Coke/Wine – I’ve never tasted alcohol.

Share with us three things (secrets) we don’t know about you?

I speak 6 languages (.English, Fante, Twi, Ewe, French & Spanish). Hoping to get to 10 by the time I’m 25 (On my list to expand are Mandarin, Italian and Ga)

I really don’t know what I’ll end up doing career-wise. The good thing is, the possibilities are endless.

I’m wonder woman.

What will you do with a million dollars?

Dang. Ok I’d renovate my parents’ house then give them a nice capital for whatever business they want to start (up) and I’d fill up their retirement fund too. For myself, I’d clear these annoying student loans then buy a piece of land or two in Ghana and start to build. In the meantime, I may buy one of these moderate but plush apartments in Accra. Is that over a million already? *sigh*

Kennetha Brown is a student in the UK and blogs at www.truecoaster.wordpress.com

Follow her @truecoaster


  1. Ama Benewa T.

    It’s really cool that you found out quite early what you love; language/literature. All the best!

    And hey, I totally loved ‘Me nnyi dzin, me nnyi siantsir.’ I doubt I read everything right but I loved it.


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