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WANLOV THE KUBOLOR is a controversial figure. His sarcasm, sharp yet unconventional opinions and ‘strange’ lifestyle has caught him in a love-hate affair with a cross-section of Ghanaian society. However, one fact remains:  he is a gifted musician.

Wanlov, who is a half of FOKN Bois displays his artistic brilliance on his album Wanlov & The Afro Gypsy Band (he describes himself as a African Gypsy).

The songs are heavily Ghanaian courtesy the instruments (xylophone, percussion, horns, kologo guitar) blended with violin riffs. Also, he sings/raps in pidgin, English and Romanski.

The 10 track album was recorded live, offering the listener a better appreciation of the songs on the album. Wanlov on Vino La Mine translate a popular Ghanaian folklore into Romanski.

The Afo Gypsy album is different, original, lively and refreshing artwork.




BIG HORN SOUNDS, SMOOTH and infectious guitar riffs, good vocal delivery and Dj scratches, awesome melody is what you’ll hear on this new single Juju Girl by Blitz The Ambassador. He takes listeners back into the late 70s when Juju music was the talk of town thanks to King Sunny Ade and his African Beat Band. The music genre came with its own dance steps.

The Brooklyn based Ghanaian MC has always borrowed from musical influences of old. With the likes of Ebo Taylor, E.T. Mensah, Fela Kuti as musical inspirations, it is not surprising to hear some of their rhythms featuring heavily on his works.

Juju Girl is a love song where Blitz exalts a lady he admires ‘I’d seen you across the room/I swear/my heart just skipped a beat… Juju Girl o/Oh watch your step o’. The long run of the instrumentation (more than a minute) offers the listener to move his feet to the rhythms.



THIS SONG WAS RELEASED about a month ago and I love the vibe it carries. Dex Kwasi (formerly called Dadabee Ndex) has been entering and exiting the musical scene (no pun intended). Dex Kwasi bring his full Texas ‘flex’ to this track (which is about sex as his Happy Birthday present).

And drafting Wanlov on this track worked well.  HBD is one to love for its ‘silly lyrics’ and well laid beats from Dj Jules and Kuvie.


WA KA WO HO LOOSELY translated as ‘it’s part of you’ is a popular Fante phrase used to as a tool for reprimanding people who have been indulging in certain behaviours over a certain period.

Employing this phrase, Sewor (an up and coming afro pop artiste) chide lazy people, gossips and others who have nothing profitable to do but indulge in frivolities.

With thumping drum beats and impeccable Fante lyrics and sing along bridge, he gets the listener to bounce, move a head, feet, or clapping along.

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