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C-Real and EL have carved niches for themselves within the music fraternity. Both command legions of fans. EL’s fame cut across both worlds of hip hop and hip life whereas C-Real commands greater respect within the hip hop scene.

Recently, C-Real has tried winning hearts of fans within the hip life turf by releasing hig life/ afro pop tinged songs such as Opeimu and Hewale. For EL, he is a towering influence whose game changing act (he installed Azonto within the musical sphere) cannot be overlooked.

The two rappers have had an excellent working relationship which goes long in years-they were among the promoters of GH Rap in the early 200s. Their relationship has spanned guest featuring on one another’s albums- C-real was featured on EL’s B.A.R mixtape with C-Real enlisting EL on his Em.CEO album.

The two who could be described as Ghana’s Bad Meet Evil have furthered this relationship by releasing yet another joint collaborative album, Project Hip Hop 2- a sophomore to their first PHH1 enterprise.

On this 10 track album, C-Real and EL showcase lyrical prowess and elegant wordplay whiles pouring their feelings on a host of subject. One thing clearly manifest itself on this album: these two rappers bring the evil out of each other. They come out as one another’s perfect sparring partner. They also understand the strength of each other and thus complementing it well.

The intent of PHH2 is made evidently clear on the album opener, GH (Go Hard) with its sirens and chopper sounds sees EL declare “we don’t want your phones, jewelleries or purses…you’re looking at the leadership of this rap society’

Notable tracks on the album include the Gemini assisted Heaven, which was the first single released. The song produced by Nel Magnum sees C-real’s wordplay at its prime (she come to C, then she get the D, send the E, she F’ed up making the Gs). EL on the other hand left listeners with the best advice about humanity (People can forget what you said or did but they can never forget how you made them feel).

Believe talks about staying steadfast to rip the dividends ((If anybody tell me say/I’ll be the man I am today/like I go believe o/but seeing where we dey today/we staying on top of the game I no dey believe o) so goes the hook. The song features J-Town who put his best foot forward. M.anifest didn’t show up like I expected.

If Heaven is well laid, Vantage Point is pure art. This is the most creative off the album. Employing the likes of Kojo Cue, Stargo, Lil’ Shaker, Gemini-with each bringing their game on, they narrate a story of infidelity which turned tragic. As Kojo-Cue clearly expressed (somethings you fi snitch/when chics try to be slick with niggaz that you eat with). The only problem is one can’t predict how it will end.

The matters of love get mentioned on the album. On More the two discusses the sides of the love coin. EL on this track is having the best in his relationship (can we sip the fine wine and throw your lips on my mouth/the shit tripping my mind/ she’s so sick and I’m fine). C-real is battling to turn a sour love into a better one; acknowledging the reality of it (no more peace to sneak under covers/so I’ll take the pain and multiply the gain and whatever it equals up to I know that’s where we’ll remain)

Tied with this is Pressure where the balancing act between career and maintaining a healthy relationship comes to the fore with the two explain their ambitions to their lovers in a frank manner, suggesting they could leave if it is a bother to them.

Faded is a story about them going for the top most prize in their career and not adhering to negative energy ( intoxicated that’s why I can’t hear these haters/They want me to act now/I’m chilling I got that patience).

Every artiste has a story to say about their humble beginnings (as the cliché goes). Rising to the top is a struggle with many obstacles to beat. And when you make it out of the maze, you pat yourself on the back. On Live My Life, the collaborative journey of C-real and EL-how what began as a dream has become a huge thing and they living off it- is told. C-Real got his mom a new car and EL is brand ambassador for many corporate organizations. It couldn’t get any better than that.

In all, the tape is heavily hip hop. And with equally produced beats from some of the best in the game, a credibility to protect or enhance and a challenge to surpass (PHH 1), C-Real and EL held out their aces on this album. The only reservation is C-real’s off the beats and sometimes convoluted delivery and intricate wordplay loosing the listener. At times one wonders why C-Real is obsessed with packing up his rhymes; perhaps the MC in him is to blame.

PHH2 is a tape worth having. Bumping it whiles on the road is the best way to enjoy the album.

Rating: B+

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