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The Cut seeks to bring to readers music or albums that the writer deem worth listening or having in your playlist. The music is not genre and/or regionally specific. Once it is good, it will be covered here.


elAnybody who has been following Eli Muzik on social media might have seen some of his social commendatory-airing his frustrations about all things negative in the society. And for a musician it isn’t very surprising.

His new single Gold Coast questions the practice of open defecation along the beaches and wonders why owners of homes choose not to fit in toilets for occupants use.

‘how person fi build house/ Wey e no ge toilet/ Make person go sh*t/ Free e nyash for there?’

Eli Muzik enlist one half of the FOKN Bois, Wanlov who added his midas touch to this single whose rhythms brings Osibisa’s Sunshine Day to mind.

Gold Coast is beautiful (vocal delivery), groovy tune with enough food for thoughts. Add it to your playlist



darksubJump Off A Cliff is more high life inclined than rock, which Dark Suburb identifies itself with. On this JaySo produced song, they sing about the depth of their love to the girl of their dreams (You never know when you go jump off a cliff for somebody else).

The strength of the song lies with the vocal delivery (husky but not rugged), the guitar riffs and the drums. It’s an infectious tune that will get you moving and singing along, thanks to the easy to sing along chorus.


kwKwame Write is a man of many hats-a writer, graffiti enthusiast, teacher and arts writer. But it is his poetry that has pushed him into the limelight. After putting up a few poetry shows and his sophomore spoken word album (Vocal Portraits 2), he has released a six (6) track EP of poetry titled Public Verses Announcement (PVA).

PVA touches on the struggle (Human Shield which features Ras Bomba on guitar and vocals. Ras Bomba’s voice draws you into the track); wrongs in society (Broken Pieces which he described as ideas groping with seizures); power of the pen (I Write); an ode to Sound (Let Loose the Music)

One of the standouts on this EP is Kwame’s employment of various rhythmic styles-acoustic, drum and kick and jazz. If there’s one thing PVA made obvious, it is Kwame Write’s mastery of word and wordplay. He’s still a force on the spoken word/poetry scene in Ghana.

Key Line: ‘Feminism and Patriarchy went to the market and bargained over the essence of humanity/ They cried that respect was an expensive luxury (Broken Pieces)

by @swayekidd

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