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frickycSTORY ABOUT NOTHING may not be an apt title for a song which talks about the struggles of life and dreams of making it. But, that’s the story Fricky is recounting in this new single.

Story About Nothing was inspired by the rapper’s encounter with a homeless man one night as he was heading to the studio to record.

On this 89DRUMZ produced track, Fricky is aware of the effects of negative comments yet remains undaunted; keeping his  dream alive  ‘Until I do great I’m dodging all the pitfalls/ Critics up on twitter swear my lyrics is a bit flawed’

Story About Nothing is the first single from the rapper after his well received 2014 mixtape Collector’s Item.

As a young man, he is not oblivious about life as a bag full of lessons. ‘This life could school you so adore the lessons/As adolescents the other lessons we learnt was never to be thrown away’, he reminds himself and listeners.

The only flaw about this single is enunciation. Some of the lyrics are a bit hard to note. But that could be forgiven. In his mind, he envisions a brighter future ahead and is bent on chasing the dream ‘Even if I gotta keep on living life like this/ I just wanna do this job/ Stress for a way better life for the wife and kids’

Download Story About Nothing http://bit.ly/1Fum1wc

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