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‘BLITZ CAN RAP. He’s a perfect example of what performance is and should be’. This was the testament of a friend who saw the Blitz The Ambassador Concert (4th Home Coming concert) on Saturday. The venue, forecourt of Club 45 (near Nyaho Clinic), despite the not too impressive attendance compared to his three previous shows (the low attendance could be attributed to the clash of shows: M.anifest’s Madina Block Party was on that same time), fans witnessed a fun-filled, entertaining evening. The crowd responded to every gesture by the MC, sang along and danced pretty hard.

For almost two hours – he was called back by fans to give a couple rounds of performances after his set, the Brooklyn based MC dished out a catalogue of songs from mostly his Native Sun album.

Backed by an 8 member band (these are local based), the band complemented and executed to perfection, under the direction of Blitz, an A-rated performance. So perfect it was that one wouldn’t have believed they had just a sporadic 48 hour rehearsal, thanks to the rampant light-outs besieging the country at present.

In between performances, Blitz went on a political evangelism, calling on the youth to hold political leaders accountable and push through with their dreams.

Songs such as the ever-refreshing, you-can’t-get-enough-of-it Accra City Blues, Wahala, Dikembe, One Way Ticket tickled the fans, who called for an encore.

The surprise of the night came when Blitz The Ambassador introduced on stage M.anifest. The crowd roared in appreciation and the two performed African In New York. To see M.anifest, who had a concert that night, coming through to show Blitz love was a profound gesture. It was an attestation of the love and respect that exists between these two dope talents.

Blitz (L) with M.anifest on stage

Prior to Blitz taken to the stage, the audience was kept on their feet by Ghana’s finest house, electro, and pop dj, Steelo Live. His mixes and music choice set the mood up for a good night.

The reservations one could have was that the small size of the stage made it a bit difficult for Blitz to express himself dutifully.  Plus, compared to his previous concerts- especially the first in 2013, this was an average concert.

That notwithstanding, Blitz gave a good account of himself, selling a good gig for less than $10. His fourth album, Diasporadical, which he said ‘I am excited about’, will be released in the coming months.

The Blitz Home Coming Concert was powered by Accra [dot] Alt and YoyoTinz.

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