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IT IS UNCOMMON for some of the best talents in certain fields of endeavour to get overlooked, ignored or forsaken. Sometimes, the only help these talented individuals need is a little push to see their dreams assume a life of its own, despite the efforts and sacrifices these talented individuals put in.

In Ghana, especially in the music industry, this story is all too familiar. Many of the talented artistes find themselves at the very bottom of the pole, hands stretched, calling for someone at the top to lend them a hand, drag them to the surface.

I shared a tweet on the subject and another music head @ceafive joined in, supporting my opinion on the fact that the industry does not readily open up to ‘underground’ talents who have something great to showcase.

That is, the radio djs and presenters would rather go for an artistes who has the hype but little talent than a huge talent with no hype. It was during our chat that @ceafive pointed to Worlasi, an afro pop/soul artiste who sometimes doubles as a rapper as a case in point.

I was fortunate enough to have received a couple of his songs and after listening to the singles, i’ve been asking why his songs (and many other artistes like him) are not on the radio, blaring out loud.

Worlasi Langani boast an excellent vocal ability. His has a baritone voice which arrest the ears of the listener. He is versatile-he can switch from singing to rapping; from sings in English, Ewe, Fante, Ga and Pidgin.

His brand his music is different from the usual-he swings towards traditional afro pop with minimalist beats (a kick, snare, trumpet/horn, conga) as his single Sarah reveals.


On Sarah, Worlasi lament about a love gone sour. He is heard flipping from English and Ewe reflecting on the pain, confusion and frustration of relationships. It’s a beautiful song which anyone can relate to.

“I wrote ‘My Sarah’ as a way of capturing the stop and start emotions that happen within a relationship.  You can glimpse the future one moment but not see the sharp end of your dreams ahead, just like Pandora’s Box.”
Worlasi Langani

It is not really easy for one to ditch the dream his parents have envisioned for him and follow his heart. Worlasi did that, following his passion of becoming a musician and makes it known on Ay3 Adze (Well Done).

On this track he narrates the various obstacles he encountered, the many advises he received to ignore his passion and follow his parents hopes. In the end,those who considered his ambition crazy are today applauding his success.


Destinaton which features Krack Gyamfi tackles the subject of being steadfast and cultivating a positive mindset to every challenge one encounter. Krack Gyamfi provides powerful lyrics justifying the struggles and triumphs of trying to reach a goal within touching distance.

“The future isn’t promised, but my efforts today grant me leverage.  Sharp focus and determination target my final destination.”
Worlasi Langani


Singing and rapping are not just the two elements found in his bag of talent. He also paints and draws. He is recor label Supreme Rights Inc. are set top release his debut mixtape in the the coming months.

Worlasi is one for the future. Like many others, all he needs is a little push to become a ‘problem’ on the Ghanaian music scene.

Written by @swayeKidd

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