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i am
an optimist!
always ready to believe the best
but when it is you,
it is only a half empty glass.

i am
never a pessimist!
unwilling to doubt a guest
but when i do not see you,
i only see a half empty glass.

i hold the bridle
i guide the strings,
always in charge
always in control.

but you?
you make me lose my logic,
you bring chaos in my thoughts
and weakness in my knees.

could it be love?
is it

it is
an uncertain,
an unwelcome

This poem was written by @misceeci

2 Responses to “UNWELCOME”

  1. Jerome

    I love the first 2 lines of the first 2 stanzas. Very creative. I also like the way the poem shows love as a loss of control. A disturbance to the normal order. I’ve kept my comment professional. I’ll leave the taunting for twitter.


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